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Título: Prevention of reoffending : the value of rehabilitation and the management of high risk offenders = Prévention de la récidive : valeur de la réhabilitations et gestion des délinquants à haut risque
Autor(es): edited by Piet Hein van Kempen, Warren Young
Publicação: Cambridge : Intersenti, 2014
Descrição física: 338 p. ; 25 cm
Colecção: (International Penal and Penitentiary Foundation ; 45)
Resumo: The need to prevent convicted prisoners and other offenders from reoffending constitutes a major challenge for both criminal justice and penitentiary systems. Reoffending rates are considerable - in many instances they are even high - while the issue is tremendously complicated. Rehabilitation (sometimes described as resocialisation, reintegration or treatment) is an important tool to prevent reoffending, but has clearly become less self-evident in many jurisdictions in recent decades. This volume therefore first of all focuses on the value of restoring offenders to a useful life from the perspective of prisoners, their family, society, the tax-payer, prison staff and administration and victims, as well as from a criminological viewpoint. Notwithstanding these actual values of rehabilitation measures, their application alone may not be sufficient to prevent someone from reoffending. This particularly applies to high risk offenders, i.e. those who pose a substantial risk of further serious offending, such as sex offenders, terrorists, and members of organized criminal groups. This volume therefore also considers measures to deal with high risk offenders during and after their sentence, and the arguments for and against their use
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN 978-1-78068-227-3
Assuntos: Direito penal | Direito penitenciário | Reabilitação | Preso
CDU: 343.2
Veja também: van Kempen, Piet Hein | Young, Warren
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