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Título: The ideologies of children's rights
Autor(es): edited by Michael Freeman and Philip Veerman
Publicação: Dordrecht : Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 1992
Descrição física: IX, 367 p. ; 25 cm
Colecção: (International studies in human rights ; 23)
Resumo: PART I: THEORY. 1- Introduction: rights, ideology and children / Michael D. A. Freeman. 2- Children's rights: the theoretical underpinning of the best interests of the child / Susan A. Wolfson. 3- The limits of children's rights / Michael D. A. Freeman. 4- The rights of the child are universal: the perspective of the UN convention on the rights of the child / Adam Lopatka. 5- The relevance of theories of natural law and legal positivism / Cynthia Price Cohen. 6- The UN convention and the network of international human rights protection by the UN / Hans-Joachim Heintze. 7- Changes in the images of the child / Eugeen Verhellen. 8- Cultural and regional pluralism in the drafting of the UN convention on the rights of the child / David Johnson. 9- Rights of children in a changing world / Coby de Graef. 10- The concept of the best interest in terms of the UN convention on the rights of the child / Joachim Wolf. 11- Attitudes to children - Their consequences for work for children / Malfrid Grude Flekkoy. 12- Theory into practice: lessons from one english organisation / Gwen James. 13- The role of children in the making of decisions which affect them / Elaine E. Sutherland. 14- What children's rights mean to children: children's own views / Gary B. Melton and Susan P. Limber. PART II: APPLICATION. 15- The ideology of liberal individualism, welfare rights and the right to education / Colin Wringe. 16- The child's right to health / Philip Graham. 17- Reconstructing child abuse: western definition and non-western experience / Anne McGillivray. 18- Juvenile justice policy: mapping the criteria / Leslie Sebba. 19- The meaning of human rights for children / Miek de Langen. 20 - Child protection in Germany / Ludwig Salgo. 21 - The development of equitable remedies for children with disabilities / Stanley Herr. 22- Cocaine's smallest victims: advocacy on behalf of drug-exposed infants / Janet Fink. 23- Little foreign bodies: international dimensions of child prostitution / George Kent. 24 - The protection of children in armed conflicts / Françoise Krill. 25- Towards a more integrated basis for the children's rights movement: the aims and outcome of the first international interdisciplinary study-group on ideologies of children's rights / Philip E. Veerman
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN 0-7923-1800-5
Assuntos: Direitos do homem | Direitos da criança | Protecção da infância | Prostituição | Direito à educação | Trabalho infantil | Convenção da ONU
CDU: 341.231
Veja também: Freeman, Michael | Veerman, Philip
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