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Título: Telecomunications law and practice
Autor(es): by Colin D. Long
Publicação: London : Sweet & Maxwell, 1988
Descrição física: XXVII, 206 p. ; 22 cm
Resumo: 1- Introduction. A- The world of telecommunication. B- Liberalisation and privatisation in the United Kingdom. 2- Regulation. A- The director general of telecommunications. B- Wireless telegraphy. 3- Licensing of telecommunication systems : overview. 4 - The licence of british telecommunications. A- The licence grant. B- Licensed systems. C- Connection of other systems: provision of services. D- Conditions. 5- Branch systems general licence. A- Scope. B- Systems licensed. C- Services. D- Connections to other systems. E- Use of private circuits. F- Maintenance services and designated maintainers. G- Other obligations on BGSL licensees. 6I- Value added and data services licence. A- Background. B- Licence grant. C- Licensed services. D- Licence conditions. E- Fair trading conditions. F- Public telecommunications operators and their group associates. 7- Telecommunication services. A- Voice. B- Data. C- Value added. D- Mobile. E- Cable television. F- Specialised satellite services. G- Information and entertainment services. 8- Apparatus. 9 - Competition law. 10- Property rights and the environment. A- Introduction. B- Public rights and duties. C- Private rights and duties. D- Rights of third parties. E- Concluding note. 11- Legal issues. A- Copyright. B- Defamation. C- Criminal liability. D- Contractual liability. E- Supply of apparatus. F- Contractual formation by telecommunication
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN 0-421-37780-1
Assuntos: Telecomunicações | Direito da concorrência | Reino Unido
CDU: 004
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