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Título: Legal consequences of the disappearance of states as a result of climate change
Autor(es): Zheng Jia Jia
Resumo: Climate change has been one of the main concerns of our time, It causes global warming and sea level rise. The territory of the island states have been at the risk of being submerged due to the impacts of climate change. It is disputed that whether the island states could continue to exist as states after loss of their territory. Moreover, since climate change also causes large scale displacement, it raises the issue that whether those displaced people are refugees and how to protect their rights.
Publicado em: In: CEDOUA. - Coimbra : CEDOUA - Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Coimbra. - A. 17, n.º 34 (2014), p. 67-82
Assuntos: Direito do ambiente | Protecção do ambiente | Clima | Aquecimento global | Refugiado | Protecção dos direitos do homem
Veja também: Jia Jia, Zheng
Localização: PP.260 (CEJ)