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Título: Security and personal data protection in the European Union : challenging trends from a human rights, perspective
Autor(es): Maria Eduarda Gonçalves, Inês Andrade Jesus
Resumo: I. Introduction. II. From the Internal Market to the Area of freedom, Security and Justice: Trends in data protection regimes in the EU. III. Balancing security and the rights to data protection and to privacy. IV. The fundamental right to personal data protection: Does it really matter for protecting data in domain of security? V. Conclusion
Publicado em: In: Themis. - Coimbra : Almedina, 2000 - . - A. 11, n.º 20-21 (2011), p. 91-109
Assuntos: Protecção de dados pessoais | Direitos fundamentais | Direitos do homem | União Europeia
Veja também: Gonçalves, Maria Eduarda | Jesus, Inês Andrade