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Título: The judicial role in criminal proceedings
Autor(es): edited by Sean Doran and John D. Jackson
Publicação: Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2000
Descrição física: XXIII,337 p. ; 24 cm
Resumo: Part I: JUDGING LAW AND FACT. 1- The necessity expanding role of the criminal trial judge / Sean Doran. 2- Comparative perspectives on the judicial role / J. F. Nijboer. 3- Fact determination: Common sense knowledge, judicial notice and social science evidence / Marilyn T. MacCrimmon. 4- The separation of question of law and fact in the new Russian and Spanish jury verdicts / Stephen C. Thaman. Part II: PROTECTION OF RIGHTS AND PREVENTION OF UNFAIRNESS. 5- Plea bargaining : ethics and politics / Mike McConville. 6- Attempting to ensure fairness in the glare of the media / Richard D. Friedman. 7- The impact of Human Rights on judicial decision making in criminal cases / John D. Jackson. 8- Evidential rules for criminal trials: who should be in charge / Alex Stein. 9- Victims and the criminal process : a public service ethos for criminal justice / Joanna Shapland. 10- Judges and gender / Christine Boyle. Part III: CASE MANAGEMENT. 11- Co-operative justice and the adversarial criminal trial : lesson from the Woolf report / Jenny McEwan. 12- Raising concerns about magistrates' clerks / Penny Darbyshire. Part IV: JUDGES AND JUDGING IN TIMES OF CRISIS. 13- The truth and reconciliation commission in South Africa / Albie Sachs. 14- Judicial roles and the criminal process during states of emergency: a framework for analysis / Tom Hadden. 15- Emergency cases: commissions, commissioners and the commodity of justice / Clive Walker. Part V: STENCING. 16- The United States perspective on the judicial role in sentencing: a story of small victories and a call for partial solutions in a difficult environment / Robert P. Mosteller. 17- Some reflections on the federal judicial role during the war on drugs / Jack B. Weinstein and Mae C. Quinn. 18- The roles of legislature and judiciary in English sentencing / Andrew Ashworth. 19- The judicial role in the balance between two visions of justice in sentencing / Neil Hutton and Cyrus Tata. 20- Judicial discretion and gender issues in sentencing / Marie Fox
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN 1-84113-045-1
Assuntos: Direito penal | Justiça penal | Direito processual penal | Reino Unido
CDU: 343.2
Veja também: Doran, Sean | Jackson, John D.
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