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Título: Effecting amendments to the Rome Statute that may be decided upon at the first review conference in 2010
Autor(es): Roger S. Clark
Resumo: Each of the three amendments proposed for Kampala, deleting article 124, adding provisions on aggression, and adding some forbidden weapons to the crimes in non-international conflict, raises different issues about the applicable procedures under article 121 of the Statute
Publicado em: In: Revue internationale de droit pénal. - Toulouse : Editions Erés. - ISSN 0223-5404. - A. 81, n.ºs 1 - 2 (jan.-abr. 2010), p. 65-75
Assuntos: Direito penal internacional | Estatuto de Roma | Tribunal Penal Internacional
Veja também: Clark, Roger S.
Localização: PP.70 (CEJ)