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Título: Personal autonomy, the private sphere and the criminal law : a comparative study
Autor(es): edited by Peter Alldridge, Chrisje Brants
Publicação: Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2001
Descrição física: XXV, 274 p. ; 24 cm
Resumo: Introduction / Peter Alldridge and Chrisje Brants. - 1. Legal moralism or paternalism? Tolerance or indiference? Egalitarian justice and the ethics of equal concern / Koen Raes. - 2. Privacy, autonomy and criminal justice rights: philosiphical preliminares / Paul Roberts. - 3. The public, the private and the significance of payments / Peter Alldridge. - 4. Sovereignty, criminal law and the new european context / Leonard F. M. Besselink. - 5. The state and the nation's bedrooms: the fundamental right of sexual autonomy / Chrisje Brants. - 6. Human rights and the criminalisation of tradition: the practices formerly know as "female circumcision" / Loïs Bibbings. - 7. Denying shoah / Bert Swart. - 8. Criminal legislation in the nineteenth century: the historic of criminal law and non-intervention in the Netherlands / C. M. Pelser. - 9. Consent in dutch criminal law / Constantijn Kelk. - 10. Dangerousness, popular knowledge and the criminal law: a case study of the paedophile as sociocultural phenomenon / Richard Collier. - 11. The fight against sex with children / M. Moerings
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN 1-901362-82-5
Assuntos: Direito penal | Liberdade sexual | Consentimento | Direitos do homem
CDU: 343.2
Veja também: Alldridge, Peter | Brants, Chrisje
Localização: DPA.1006 (CEJ) - 30000027371