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Título: Freedom of expression in environmental cases before the European Court of Human Rights
Autor(es): Katarina Jesenko
Resumo: Human rights and environmental protection are closely connected issues. On the one hand, human rights are vulnerable to environmental degradation; on the other, the exercise of human rights supports better environmental policymaking. The European Court of Human Rights has dealt with some cases concerning alleged infringement of the right to freedom of expression in connection with environmental issues. These have concerned either the freedom to impart information or the freedom to receive information. While the Court has recognised the importance of freedom of speech to protecting the environment, it appears from its case law that this has yet not afforded applicants dealing with environmental issues easier access to its protection
Publicado em: In: ERA Forum. - Trier. - V. 19, n.º 2 (setembro 2018), p. 295-305
Assuntos: Tribunal Europeu dos Direitos | | Sanção financeira | Ativismo ambiental
Veja também: Jesenko, Katarina
Localização: PP.249 (CEJ)