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Título: Guilt and the time of consciousness
Autor(es): Maria Fernanda Palma
Resumo: The present study takes the question of how conscience should be understood in matters of legal and criminal liability and the question if conscience is, in effect, precondition for such liability, as a starting point. With respect to this aim, it is analysed to which extent neuroscientific discoveries about (what might be) the psychobiological referents of conscience, on the one hand, and Philosophy of mind and language, on the other hand, can condition both the normative criteria of criminal law and its application. While maintaining that the values and criteria of the law itself should equally be taken into account in the general discussion on conscience, it is reaffirmed that law needs to be open to the questioning of its traditional solutions on the basis of data from Philosophy and Science
Publicado em: In: Anatomia do crime. - Coimbra : Almedina. - N.º 3 (jan.-jun. 2016), p. 11-30
Assuntos: Anatomia do crime | Consciência | Causalidade da consciência | Dualismo cartesiano | Culpa | Responsabilidade criminal
Veja também: Palma, Maria Fernanda
Localização: PP.299 (CEJ)