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Título: Loss of chance
Autor(es): Inês Neves dos Santos
Notas: Bibliografia pág. 224-225
Resumo: Understanding the importance of the loss of change doctrine as a justification for awarding compensation in cases of uncertain causation requires a clarification on its content, as well as an analysis on the requisites for its application. The present paper undertakes such tasks by reference to legal malpractice and constitutes an attempt at drawing the benefits of recognizing chance as a compensable interest and the limits that must be set upon it order to avoid opening the floodgates of civil liability
Publicado em: In: AB INSTANTIA. - Coimbra : Almedina. - A. 4, n.º 6 (2016), p. 213-225
Assuntos: Perda de chance | Responsabilidade civil | Causalidade da responsabilidade civil contratual | Dano da perda de chance | Compensação
Veja também: Santos, Inês Neves dos
Localização: PP.289 (CEJ)