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200 1 ^aInvalidation of pharmaceutical patents in mandatory arbitration for generics^ean unreasonable restriction to the right of defence?^fAlexandre Dias Pereira
330   ^aIn order to reduce the cost of medicines, Portuguese law has been ammended to ease the use of generics. Besides stressing the detachment of the administrative procedure concerning the approval of generic medicines from the existence and infringement of patents, it has established a scheme of mandatory arbitration to disputes between patent holders and generic applicants. However, the scope of jurisdiction of this arbitration is disputed in particular whether the arbitration court can invalidate patents inter partes and incidenter tantum. This paper provides a survey of court judgments on this issue, in particular the divergence between the Supreme Court of Justice and the Constitutional Court of Portugal
461  1^tLex medicinae^cCoimbra^bCoimbra Editora^x1646-0359^vA. 15, n.º 30 (jul. - dez. 2018)^pp. 3-10
606   ^aDireito da saúde
606   ^aCuidados de saúde
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606   ^aPatente farmacêutica
606   ^aArbitragem obrigatória
606   ^aDireito de acesso aos tribunais
700  1^aPereira,^bAlexandre Dias
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