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200 1 ^aAccess points for infringements of judicial independence^ea practical tour d’horizon^fEdith Zeller
330   ^aSystemic constraints of flagrant violations of judicial independence, like in Poland or Turkey—in line with an alarming, steadily increasing number of other European judicial systems coming under pressure—have not turned up abruptly, but have developed. Some of these deformities could evolve by making use of certain structural weaknesses in the respective judicial system and by simple reference to similar structural weaknesses of other systems—ignoring that those weaknesses are balanced by other ways of mutual checks between the different State powers. This article attempts to shed light on systems which are not in the spotlight and to give a brief tour d’horizon with examples from the viewpoint of a practitioner. To put a more sensitive focus on such access points will be of relevance in the upcoming years
461  1^tERA Forum^cTrier^vV. 20, n.º 1 (julho 2019)^pp. 129-139
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