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200 1 ^aRecent developments in the european private international law of employment^fUglješa Grušić
330   ^aThis article outlines the main recent developments in the field of European private international law of employment. The developments include judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Union on the concept of ‘individual employment contract’, jurisdiction over individual employment contracts and choice of law for individual employment contracts, changes to the posted workers regime through the adoption and transposition of the Posting of Workers Enforcement Directive and the revision of the Posted Workers Directive, and the forthcoming withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU. The article demonstrates that the European private international law of employment is fit for purpose, although there is scope for improvement
461  1^tProntuário de direito do trabalho^c[Lisboa]^bCentro de Estudos Judiciários^vN.º 1 (2019)^pp. 355-383
606   ^aDireito internacional privado
606   ^aConflito de leis
606   ^aContrato individual de trabalho
606   ^aEscolha da lei e jurisdição^2
606   ^aDireito da União Europeia
606   ^aContrato individual de trabalho
606   ^aTrabalhador destacado^2
700  1^aGrušić,^bUglješa
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