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200 1 ^aEnvironmental protection and European Union energy policy^eenergy transition after the Paris Agreement^fPatrick Thieffry
330   ^aThe European Union’s “Road to the Paris Agreement” did not include unilateral legislative instruments such as those it adopted before previous conferences pursuant to its exemplarity policy in climate negotiations. Rather, the Member States agreed in principle on new targets, some binding on both the European Union and Member States, such as those concerning greenhouse gas emissions from both emissions trading scheme and non-emissions trading scheme sectors, and others binding only on the European Union, concerning renewable energy and energy efficiency. In order to allow the European Union to meet its targets in the absence of corresponding national commitments, the Commission proposes an Energy Union Governance as a substitute for an obliterated energy policy which the Treaty does not allow to interfere with a Member State’s energy mix
461  1^tERA Forum^cTrier^vV. 17, n.º 4 (dezembro 2016)^pp. 449-465
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