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200 1 ^a<The >Shareholders Rights Directive II^ethe wrong cure for a deadly disease^fJean-Philippe Robé
330   ^aThe recent attempt to amend the Shareholders Rights Directive provides an opportunity to review the Commission’s policy towards corporate governance. The evidence is now clear that the Commission is among the numerous victims of the ideology of “agency theory”. It obviously considers that corporate governance is an instrument via which corporate officers and directors are to be transformed into agents pursuing the shareholders interests only. There is mounting evidence, however, that rules of corporate governance based on such principles are damaging the economy as a whole. The Commission should draw the consequences and improve the rules of governance of European companies to get them internalising the consequences of their management decisions over affected interests
461  1^tERA Forum^cTrier^vV. 17, n.º 1 (abril 2016)^pp. 45-55
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