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200 1 ^a<O >novo direito português da arbitragem^fRui Manuel Moura Ramos
330   ^aThe article deals with the new Portuguese arbitration act (Law n.° 63/2011, of December 14th, on voluntary arbitration), critically analysing the provisions put forward by this legal document to the several issues of arbitration proceedings (arbitration agreement; composition and jurisdiction of arbitral tribunal; interim measures and preliminary orders; conduct of arbitral proceedings, arbitral award and closing of proceedings; recourse against award and enforcement of arbitral award). It also considers the legal regime of international arbitration and of foreign arbitrations, dealing with their recognition and en¬forcement in Portuguese legal order. The act is also considered in the evolution of Portuguese legal order and their Solutions are compared with those of 1985 (ammended in 2006) UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration and of some other national legal systems
461  1^tBoletim da Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Coimbra^cCoimbra^bImprensa da Universidade^vV. 90, t. 2 (2014)^pp. 567-612
606   ^aArbitragem
606   ^aArbitragem internacional
606   ^aTribunal arbitral
606   ^aArbitragem comercial internacional
700  1^aRamos,^bRui Manuel Moura
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