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200 1 ^a<The >Oxford encyclopedia of American political and legal history^e^fDonald T Critchlow and Philip R VanderMeer^g
210   ^aOxford^cOxford University Press^d2012
215   ^a2 vols. ;^d26 cm
327 0 ^aVol. 1: ABOR – MODE. – 586 p. – Vol. 2: MONE – ZENG. – 575 p
330   ^aThe Oxford Encyclopedia of American Political and Legal History provides comprehensive coverage of political and legal history in the United States, covering for the first time in one reference work the key events, historical actors, presidential elections, court cases, and larger political and legal trends throughout American history. Entries capture the unique nature of the nation's founding principles embodied in the Constitution, the expansive nature of American democracy, political conflict, and compromise, and the emergence of the modern welfare and regulatory state, all of which evince the tensions, contradictions, and possibilities manifest throughout America's history. From presidents and Supreme Court judges to critical legislation and party formation, this work clearly demonstrates how U.S. politics and law have evolved since the colonial era, and encourages readers to anticipate further changes. The Encyclopedia expands and updates the coverage of American political and legal history found in The Oxford Companion to United States History, the award-winning 2001 publication edited by Paul Boyer (Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Madison). More than 200 entirely new entries join hundreds more revised and updated entries originally published in the Companion, all of which have been signed by topic experts. Heavy use of cross-referencing assists readers searching for related entries, and selective bibliographies direct readers to the most important recent scholarly works. There is also an introduction by Paul Boyer and a topical outline of entries. This is a reference work of unparalleled depth and scope that will introduce a new generation of readers to the complexities of this dynamic field of study
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