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200 1 ^a<The >principle of legality in international human rights institutions^eselected legal opinions^fedited by B. G. Ramcharan
210   ^aThe Hague^cMartinus Nijhoff Publishers^d1997
215   ^aXVIII, 393 p. ;^d24 cm
225 2 ^aThe Raoul Wallenberg Institute Human Rights Library^v3
330   ^aThis book provides dramatic evidence of the principle of legality at work in international human rights institutions during the past half-century. It brings together scattered legal opinions from the early years of the United Nations and renders a great service in chronicling the practice of international law in a vital domain. It is itself a labour of love, having been assembled piece-by-piece over several years. Legal advisers in international organizations and those interested in the craftsmanship of international human rights law will find it indispensable. Those whose vision is to see international human rights law triumph over partisan politicking in international organizations will find a wealth of examples of patient advocacy of the principles of legality and due process. Some of the legal opinions reproduced are stunning for their courage and cogency. No international human rights lawyer should be without this book
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