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200 1 ^aWe the Court^e<the >European Court of Justice and the European Economic Constitution^e<a >critical reading of article 30 of the EC Treaty^fMiguel Poiares Maduro
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210   ^aOxford^cHart Publishing^d1999
215   ^aXII, 194 p. ;^d24 cm
320   ^aBibliografia pág. 176-185
330   ^aThe need to balance power between the Member States and the Union, and between public power and the market, has created powerful constitutional dilemmas for the European Union. This new book describes and analyzes the new Economic Constitution developed by the European Court of Justice. In doing so it discusses different constitutional models and forms of legitimacy and evaluates the limits to state and public intervention in the market, the division of competences between Member States and the EU, the principle of non-discrimination, and the notion of fundamental rights. This leads to a critical examination of the process of constitution-making in the EU, and the role of the Court of Justice in this process
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606   ^aLiberdade de circulação de mercadorias
606   ^aConstituição económica
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700  1^aMaduro,^bMiguel Poiares
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