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200 1 ^aSword and scales^e<an >examination of the relationship between law and politics^fMartin Loughlin
210   ^aOxford^cHart Publishing^d2000
215   ^aXI,241 p. ;^d21 cm
330   ^aThis short and accessible book provides a provocative re-assessment of the various tangled relationships between law and politics and in so doing examines legal and political thinking on such critical areas as justice, the state, constitutionalism and rights. It introduces lawyers especially to certain important themes in some of the key texts in political thought (eg Plato, Hobbes, Locke and Tocqueville) and introduces political scientists to the legal dimensions of a number of central themes of political studies. Written by one of the leading theorists in constitutional law, the book should prove to be an indispensable companion for any student or teacher interested in law and politics
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