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200 1 ^aWomen in law^feditor Shimon Shetreet
210   ^aLondon^cKluwer Law International^d1998
215   ^aXII,389 p. ;^d25 cm
330   ^aContains the updated papers presented at the George A. Katz legal conference on Women in Law held in Jerusalem. It addresses the major social challenge of attaining equality for women in the legal profession, in academia and in the judiciary. The work also analyses the additional burden on women who have to assume a double workload when they combine their legal career with motherhood. Part of the book highlights the law relating to women, including sex discrimination laws and the rights of women in the family. The main themes of the book are women in the judiciary, academic world and legal profession; laws promoting equality for women; women, law and religion; the legal response to sex crimes and family violence; and women pursuing careers and meeting family responsibilities. Contributors to the book include distinguished judges, prominent and leading attorneys from the USA and Israel. The work will be of prime interest to academics in law, women's studies and gender studies
606   ^aDireitos do homem
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606   ^aDiscriminação sexual
606   ^aDireito comparado
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