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200 1 ^aAs if peoples mattered ...^ecritical appraisal of peoples and minorities from the international human rights perspective and beyond^fby Zelim Skurbaty
210 ^aThe Hague^cMartinus Nijhoff Publishers^d2000
215   ^aXXVIII,498 p. ;^d24 cm
225 2 ^aThe Raoul Wallenberg Institute Human Rights Library^v4
320   ^aBibliografia pág. 455-486
330   ^aPart I: THE PROBLEMATIQUE. 1- Introductory reflections or invitation to legitimate suffering. 2- Corpus juris: the crystallization of concepts and codification of standards relevant to the international minority rights. 3- Test case for international human and minority rights: Chechnya, world order and the right to be left alone. Part II: THE CRITIQUE. 4- The twilight of State sovereignty: great expectations. 5- Peoples and self-determination: erasing the mark with a skull and cross-bones. 6- Coming to grips with a legitimate minority: backward in coming forward. Part III: THE DIAGNOSTICS. 7- Games played with peoples: trading off the insecurity of future gains against the security of present pains. Part IV: THE RESOLUTIQUE. 8- Beyond games: from sovereignty to equality from nation states. to fully functioning groups via individuation. Part V: Appendix
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