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200 1 ^aReflections on principles and practice of international law^eessays in honour of Leo J. Bouchez^fedited by Terry D. Gill, Wybo P. Heere
210 ^aThe Hague^cMartinus Nijhoff Publishers^d2000
215   ^a289 p. ;^d25 cm
225 2 ^aNova et vetera iuris gentium.^iModern international law^v20
327 0 ^aThe problem of nationality in extradition bibliography / S. Bedi. Just war doctrine in modern context / Terry D. Gill. Problems of jurisdiction in air and outer space / Wybo P. Heere. The watercourses convention in the context of the Gabcíkovo-Nagymaros case / Ellen Hey. New mining legislation of the Netherlands and the underground storage of natural gas / Jan Van der Horst. Asian territorial disputes, with special reference to the islands of Sipadan and Ligitan; succession to Dutch and British titles ? / KO Swan Sik. Beyond idolization and contempt: using human rights to Curb violence against women in South Asia / Christa F. Meindersma. Some comments on the principles of international law relating to the acquisition of territory / Harry H. G. Post. State responsibility and jurisdiction: Grotius and an early 17th Century case / C. G. Roelofsen. Historic waters in the third United Nations Conference on the law of the sea / Shabtai Rosenne. A new exception to the freedom of the high seas: the enforcement of U.N. sanctions / A. H. A. Soons. State immunity and the law of civil procedure and execution in the Netherlands / C. C. A. Voskuil. On democracy / Johan K. De Vree. Self-determination in a world of conflict- a source of instability or instrument of peace? / Michael C. Van Walt van Praag
606   ^aDireito internacional público
606   ^aExtradição
606   ^aNacionalidade
606   ^aDireitos do homem
606   ^aViolência doméstica
606   ^aDireito processual civil
675   ^a341.1^vBN^zpor
702  1^aGill,^bTerry D.^4340
702  1^aHeere,^bWybo P.^4340
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