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200 1 ^a<The >changing family^einternational perspectives on the family and family law^fedited by John Eekelaar, Thandabantu Nhlapo^gwith an introduction by Justice Albie Sachs
210 ^aOxford^cHart Publishing^d1998
215   ^aXIX, 634 p. ;^d24 cm
330   ^aIntroductory overview: Family forms and family norms / John Eekelaar, Thandabantu Nhlapo. Introduction / Justice Albie Sachs. Part I- The changing face of family law in the context of socail and ideological change. 1- Social change in Europe and its impact on family structures / Franz Rothenbacher. 2- The changing pattern of family structure in Nigeria: issues problems and strategies for family support / Oluwatoyin Ipaye. 3- Long-term developments in family law in western Europe: an explanation / Harry Willekens. 4- The new codification of russian family law / Olga Khazova. 5- The development of japanese family law from 1898 to 1997 and its relationship to sical and political change / Yukiko Matsushima. 6- The relationship between social change and family lalw in Korea / Mi-kyung Cho. 7- Ireland: The family and the law in a divided land / Kerry O'halloran. 8- Should and can family law inlfuence social behaviour ? / Anders Agell. 9- Family law in Namibia: the challenge of customary and constitutional law / M. O. Hinz. 10- Changing families and changing concepts: reforming the language of family law / andrew Bainham. Part II- The dynamics of legal assimilation of changes in social norms. 11- The proposed abolition of de facto unions in Tanzania: a case of sailing against the social current / Bart Rwezaura. 12- Marriage by Affidavit: developing alternative laws on cohabitation in Kenya / Janet Kabeberi-Macharia, Celestine Nyamu. 13- Why i can't teach customary law / Julie E. Stewart. 14- Reducing discretion in family law / John Dewar. 15- Equality or inequality within the family ? Ideology, reality and the law's response / Rebecca Bailey-Harris. 16- The law and morality of support in the wider family in Germany and Tanzania: changing perceptions of family forms / Chris Jones-Pauly. Part III- The State and pluralism. 17- Cultural pluralism and the rights of the child / Michael Freeman. 18- Family law in Aotearoa/ New Zeland: facing ideologies / William R. Atkin, Graeme W. Austin. 19- African customary family law in south africa: a legacy of many pasts / Jeanne de Koker. 20- Language, culture and the detritus of apartheid: understanding and overcoming secondary, systematic buse in South African child care proceedings / F. Noel Zaal. 21- Signposts on the road to equality: towards the new Millennium for parents, children and families in South Africa / Julia Sloth-Nielsen, Belinda van Heerden. 22- Constitutional interpretation of the best interests principle in South Africa in rtelation to custody / Nazeem Goolan. 23- Same-sex marriage and the limits of legal pluralism / lynne D. Wardle. 24- Cohabitation and registered partnership in scandinavia- The legal position of Homosexuals / Ingrid Lund-Andersen. 25- From closet to Constitution: the South African gay family rights odyssey / Elsa Steyn. 26- Parental rights and social responsability in american child prottection law / SDanford N. Katz. Part IV- Constitutionalising family law. 27- The constitutionnalisation of the family in Poland / Jacek Kurczewski. 28- Constitutional interpretation and the re-constitution of the family in the United States and South Africa / Barbara Bennett Woodhouse. 29- The child's right to parental and family care / J. A. Robinson. 30- Ways of seeing-lawyering for a new society in south africa / June Sinclair. 31- Defending and protecting gender equality anbd the family under a decidedly undecided constitution in Zimbabwe / Welshman Ncube. 32- Meaningless gestures ? African nations and the convention on the elimination of allforms of discrimination against women / Fared Banda. Part V- Social and natural parenthood. 33- The nuclear family-who are the parents ? Jaap E. Doek. 34- Families or households ? The importance of social parenthood / John Eekleaar, Mavis Maclean. Child welfare and adoption in modern greek law / Efie Kounougeri-Manoledaki. 36- Adoption and child welfare in japanese law: has the special adoption law failed ? / Fumio Tokotani. 37- The gift/donation model versus the contract/services model-the changing face of adoption in England and Wales / Nigel Lowe. 38- The effect of social change on family structure: mobility issues in the canadian context / Christine Davies. Part VI- Reconciling changing norms and changing forms. 39- African family law under an undecided constitution-the challenge for law reform in South Africa / Thandabantu Nhlapo
606   ^aDireito da família
606   ^aDireitos da criança
606   ^aAdopção
606   ^aUnião de facto
606   ^aCasamento
606   ^aDireito constitucional
606   ^aDireito comparado
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702  1^aEekelaar,^bJohn^4340
702  1^aNhlapo,^bThandabantu^4340
712 02^aJustice Albie Sachs^4080
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