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200 1 ^aBeccaria^econtributo do "direito penal total" para o exercício da cidadania^fAlexandra Vilela
330   ^aThe present study aims to carry out a reflection on the actuality of the work of Baccaria today, as well as if is work continues, somehow, to have relevence in the context of "total criminal law". The study analyzes Beccaria's contribution to the exercise of citizenship in the context of criminal law. In order to achive this objectve, the study proposes a cursory analysis of some authors thought and their contribution to criminal law. The study concludes with the statement that "total criminal law" itself is a form of exercising citizenship, a fact which is visible in that same criminal law 
461  1^tBoletim da Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Coimbra^cCoimbra^bImprensa da Universidade^d1914-   ^vV. 88 (Jan. 2012)^pp. 271-285
606   ^aDireito penal
606   ^aPolítica criminal
606   ^aCidadania
700  1^aVilela,^bAlexandra
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