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200 1 ^aReasonableness of legislative choices and protection against (discriminatory) dismissal of temporary staff^edoes the approach of the Court of Justice of the European Union to judicial review and judicial control meet high rule of law standards?^fBernardo Cortese
330   ^aThe present contribution is devoted to analysing recent developments in selected aspects of European Union civil service law. Such analysis will help us to assess the soundness of the prevailing approach to judicial review of legislative acts and to judicial contraI over individual acts affecting the rights of European Union civil service workers. Case law on the equality principIe is scrutinised, with the suggestion being made that, at times, such case-law shows an excessive deference towards the European Union legislator, or that, at least, more precise reasoning could be needed in this field. A review of case-law conceming the rights and duties of temporary staff workers is also carried out, and reveals the need to strengthen the scrutiny exercised by the European Courts, and above alI by the Civil Service Tribunal, in cases of alleged discriminatory dismissal. 
461  1^tERA Forum^cTrier^bERA^d[2000]-    ^vV. 12, n.º 4 (Mar. 2012)^pp. 641-652
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