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200 1 ^aShould the dominance test have been changed?^fIoannis Kokkoris
330   ^aEven though the legal substantive test has been changed from the "dominance test" to the SIEC in the Recast ECMR, and thus would appear to rectify the "gap" in the European Community merger regime, the occurrences of such "gap" cases may not cease under national laws that still adhere to the traditional dominance test. This paper will address initially through case law analysis the issue of mergers leading to non-coordinated effects in oligopolistic markets ("non-collusive oligopolies" or "gap" cases); examine how the legal substantive test deals with non-collusive oligopolies; and identify such cases in the current case law.
461  1^tRevista de concorrência e regulação^cCoimbra^bAlmedina^d2010^x1647-5801^vA. 2, n.º 5 (Jan./Mar. 2011)^pp. 57-86
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