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200 1 ^aReforming european financial supervision^eadapting EU institutions to market structures^fKern Alexander
330   ^aEU policymakers have created a new European System of Financial Supervision, consisting of three European Supervisory Authorities and a European Systemic Risk Board. This article examines some of lhe legal and institutional issues, ineluding lhe ESAs' authority to develop an EU code of financial regulation and to oversee its implementation by Member States and resolve related disputes. The article argues that lhe creation of lhe ESAs and ESRB is a proportional response to lhe increased integration of EU financial markets and lhe cross-border nature of systemic risk. The article suggests, however, that lhe ultimate effectiveness of these supervisory reforms will depend on whether they achieve a balance between crisis prevention supervisory measures and crisis management involving lhe rescue or resolution of financial firms. A better balance needs to be struck to achieve financial stability objectives. 
461  1^tERA Forum^cTrier^bERA^d[2000]-    ^pp. 229-252^vV. 12, Nº 2 (Jul. 2011)
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